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Sound System 

You will be able to use the sound system that is provided to play music during your event. There are three ways of using the speakers:


1. Smartphone (recommended for optimal quality)


  1. Connect your device to the Caucus Wi-Fi.

  2. Launch your app (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) on your phone and play a song.

  3. Synchronize your phone with the Sound System by searching for nearby devices in the app (once you click on the "devices" icon, "Caucus Plateau" devices will appear in the list.).


2. TV


​You simply need to turn on the TV and play music from YouTube or Spotify (the apps can be found in the TV menu). If having the TV screen turned on bothers you, you can go to the Display settings and select the "Energy saving" option to turn off the screen. You can also launch Youtube on your phone and cast to the TV ("Caucus TV"). In this scenario, you can use the TV remote to control the volume.

3. Laptop


The other option is to use a laptop, by either connecting it to the TV via the HDMI cable that is provided, or by using the AirPlay feature if the laptop is a Mac (find "Caucus TV"). In both cases, you can display the laptop screen on the TV. The laptop will be the source and the sound will be routed to the speakers. In this scenario, you can use the TV remote to control the volume.


Please note that If you choose to go with option #2 or option #3, you will not be able to control the volume of the speaker located in the main area. In order to control the volume of each speaker individually (TV sound-bar and speaker in the main area), you will need to use your phone and download the Sonos app.

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